Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nothing like a wonderful shot of tequila

While taking my wife out for her birthday... I was feeling very pleased with a recent investment... so I splurged.

I ordered a shot of Gran Patron Burdeos... I know it's not beer. However it's one of those things in life where it's worth it.

A while back, I was out in California on business, I was on the advisory board of a company, that had lots of money and it was time to spend some... the CEO ordered not 1 but 2 bottles of 1790 Madeira, my guesstimate these were $10,000 a bottle and he shared them with the room.

Ever since that time, I have taken opportunities as they approached to enjoy the finer things in life, well as long as I wasn't going to go broke in the process.

So last night, it was the most expensive shot of Tequila I have had, but the enjoyment was exceptional. I asked for a brandy snifter, none to be had... I did get a glass where I could slowly enjoy the magnificent aroma, with hints of vanilla from the oak, tobacco, leather... hmm I could enjoy this all night. The flavor was smooth, no hot alcoholic notes. It clearly is an exceptional tequila.

So the price tag is steep, but so is the tequila!


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