Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Re: Does it matter who makes the beer you buy?

I think the quality of the beer needs to speak for it's self. I will often pass on a beer when my only choice is one of the Light Lager's, it's just not a style that I prefer. I try to put my support for the local brewers first, we have a great bar here in NH, Strange Brew Tavern, that offers a $2 draft night on Tuesdays, and a small group of us homebrewers, from Brew Free or Die, meet rather regularly to have a pint or two and talk. The selection is about as good as it gets here in the state, is $2 a fair price, likely NOT but it sure does help give people a chance to try a beer for a good price.

I understand the dynamics of trying to run a business and generating a profit. It would appear to me that business people, for the most part, haven't pulled the plug on some traditional beers/brands that I enjoy. However the opportunity exists and I think isn't far from happening where classic examples will get canned by the bean counters. However I think the void is rapidly being filled with the exceptional craft brewers in this country and others.

So for me, brewing my own, supporting local brewers and craft brewers (with exceptional product), and then mass produced brewers with a beverage that I enjoy is where I put my beer dollars.


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