Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beer Karma

I was asked to run a few competitions this past year by Boston Beer Co. both of which I was extremely happy with, as I thought they went great and I had very positive feedback from the judges and the staff at Boston Beer Co.

Running a homebrew competition is a labor of love, I don't get paid put in tons of hours ahead of time, and if all goes well you sit around the day of the competition wondering if you have forgotten anything. I really enjoy running competitions, and now have 3 under my belt.

I asked if it might be possible to get a Utopias barrel... from my contact with Boston Beer Co. Well I was quite surprised to get not one but two barrels. My fellow homebrewers and I are planning on aging two different beers in the barrels. Here's the two barrels, on the barrel rack that I built.

Here's another view of my basement, at capacity with 3 barrels:


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