Friday, January 2, 2009

Beer style, what's your favorite?

What's my favorite style of beer?

Mine is a Russian Imperial Stout. It's an amazing complex beer, that if made right will linger on the taste buds long after the last sip. I am enjoying Santa's Little Helper, from Port Brewing Company. It's by far one of the best Russian Imperial Stout's that I have ever had.

The aroma has a dark chocolate/coffee/malt notes, very clean, some hints of vanilla, the roast is clean and fragrant, little hop aroma. The color is pitch black, with a light tan head. Belgian lace lines the glass, the head persists well after the first few sips. The flavor is rich, and bold, the show case is the roast malt, accented by the chocolate and smooth alcohol notes. What's great about this beer is how well everything blends. The hops are a just enough to support the massive body, the alcohol is surprisingly hidden, considering it's 10.5 ABV. The mouth feel of this beer I feel is full, but the finish is so smooth... it's like velvet! This is an A+ beer

Tomee Author is a master of his craft, if you ever get a chance to try his beers... please do, it's worth it! As a past Lost Abbey Patron Saint I had access to quite a number of the beers that Tomee produced, not a single beer failed to exceed expectations.

Tomee, if you are ever in NH, the beer is on me, thanks for making my New Beers Eve party such a wonderful event!


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