Sunday, January 25, 2009

Patriot Homebrew Competition

Ah, the 2008/2009 Patriot Homebrew Competition is now over, in a nut shell we judged 171 entries for Boston Beer Co. New England homebrew competition.

I was very honored to be the organizer for the 2008 Patriot Homebrew Competition which was held on January 24th at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro MA. Here's a photo of the judging in action... lots of Brew Free or Die, Boston Wort Processors, and other local homebrew clubs in attendance....

The mission to pick 5 of the best beers from the 171 entries for further evaluation by the brewers at Boston Beer Co. and others. The team of 43 judges, stewards and other staff were able to evaluate the entries in the aloted time.

It's great to have this project behind me... as it was just about 3 months of work from my side, from when I was engaged on the project.

The only really downer was the post party held in my hotel room... it would seem that most "gentleman" who are engaging in drinking... have a challange on hitting the target (aka. toilet), so while I enjoyed the 30+ people and the beverages... the end results weren't so pretty. At least I had a spare towel or two to clean up and place on the floor.


At January 27, 2009 10:20 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Mike, thanks for once again organizing the Patriot HBC and doing such a great job at it. It's a fun competition with great benefits, and it doesn't hurt that it's an easy competition at which to judge too!

Thanks too for hosting the after party. Those rooms probably rarely hold that many people. There was some wonderful commercial beer to sample there, and even the occasional home brew. ;-)

I never did use your bathroom so I'm innocent! But, if I had, I promise I would have had the decency to aim well, and to flush.



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